With the beginning of Fall, attention often shifts towards finishing outdoor projects and preparing for the cooler weather when more time will be spent indoors.  The energy of the natural world shifts too as the leaves on the trees change color and drop to the ground in a vibrant carpet.  The trees follow an internal cycle that prepares for the coming Winter months by storing water and energy.

Traditionally, Fall marks when we too should turn inward and concentrate upon generating and storing our energy for the colder weather.  Our emphasis should be upon training “gong”—the life force or Chi that sustains us as living creatures—as well as focusing upon body practices such as Chi Kung (or qigong) as a way to maintain personal health and harmony.

Chi Kung is one of the most efficient means to align the body, mind, and energy, and Still Mountain offers a number of Chi Kung classes that cover the fundamentals of “gong” training.  And starting in October, we will be working on the classic set for Autumn known as Four Seasons Chi Kung.

Space is limited and reservations are on a first come, first served basis.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn one of the cornerstones of classical Chi Kung and learn about how to use Traditional Chinese Medicine to preserve  your own health and well-being throughout the entire year.