T’ai Chi and Chi Kung School Curriculum

Still Mountain’s curriculum harmonizes the internal and the external—coordinating mindfulness, breathing, and physical movement so that the student achieves a sense of wholeness and balance.

The process of integrating the internal and external for overall health and well-being is the principal aim of T’ai Chi philosophy. The School incorporates traditional Chen, Yang, and Wu styles, and builds upon the fundamental training techniques that are called “closed secrets” which were taught only within a family or to the most advanced students.

Classes at Still Mountain cultivate the entire person in addition to improving the strength and stamina of the body.

Beginners Classes emphasize:

  • First Section, Yang Family Long Form
  • T’ai Chi Qigong
  • Eight Pieces of Brocade
  • Taoist Standing Meditation
  • Buddhist and Taoist Breathing
  • And other Chi Kung sets

Intermediate Classes focus upon:

  • Second Section, Yang Family Long Form
  • 18 Methods Chi Kung
  • Soaring Crane Chi Kung
  • Small and Large Microcosmic Breathing
  • And other Chi Kung sets

Advanced Classes emphasize:

  • Third Section, Yang Family Long Form
  • Therapeutic Chi Kung Sets
  • Embryonic Breathing
  • Chi Circulation Techniques
  • Chan Si Gong (Silk Reeling)
  • Wu Dang Sword Form

Other offerings include but are not limited to:

  • Staff
  • Saber/Broadsword
  • Long Pole
  • Spear
  • T’ai Chi Fan
  • Seated Pa Tuan Chin
  • Taoist Healing Sounds Chi Kung
  • Zi Ping-Wang’s Therapeutic Chi Kung
  • Five Animal Sports
  • White Crane
  • Shaolin White Crane (Hard and Soft) Forms
  • Swimming Dragon
  • Nei Dan Chi Kung
  • Wai Dan Chi Kung
  • Da Mo’s Yi Jin Jing
  • 18 Buddha Hands
  • Wild Goose

Upon learning the complete Yang Family Form, students learn Standard 24 Movement Form, Chen style Lao Jia Yilu and Lao Jia Erlu, Fu Style Baguazhang, and other weapons forms.