Class Tuition and Private Instruction Costs

All the classes at the Still Mountain Studio are small in order to provide individual attention, and unlike many places where a senior student will be the instructor, Dr. Clippinger teaches all of the classes in order to maintain the level of instruction.

Still Mountain does not require contracts to attend classes—which is a binding commitment of twelve to eighteen months.  Nor does the school have testing in order to advance.

As testimony to the high standards and quality of instruction at Still Mountain, many students are current and former black belt students in other Martial Arts such as Hapkido and Hung Gar, Kung Fu, and Tae Kwan Do, or have studied with other T’ai Chi teachers and have sought Dr. Clippinger for advanced training in open hand forms, weapons, push hands, and Chi Kung (qigong).   T’ai Chi Instructors from other schools throughout Pittsburgh and beyond rank among Still Mountain T’ai Chi’s students as well.

Please note that all medical Chi Kung (qigong) sets are taught only as private sessions in order to best respond to specific conditions and treatments.  Special areas of treatment include cancer, heart disease, hypertension, anxiety, depression, and nervous and blood disorders.