Qigong has been practiced for thousands of years to help to maintain the health of body and mind, heal injuries, and cure diseases.   Clearly, it is an amazing practice, which is why we at Still Mountain are dedicated to sharing its amazing benefits to others.

Unfortunately, Qigong isn’t as well known as its sibling T’ai Chi.  So what is Qigong? 

Qigong (pronounced Key Gong) is an ancient form of stretching and moving exercises intended to increase the energy of the body (called Qi)  through gentle movements and deep diaphragmatic breathing.   The result is a feeling of dynamic relaxation where the body and mind are relaxed and at peace but the senses are vividly awake.   In this way, it shares much with meditation in that it develops  focused awareness while also helping to feel more calm and at ease mentally.   Qigong, though, also reduces physical tension, tightness, and pain.

So what are the documented benefits?

  • Qigong can help the body to heal from injuries and to prevent injuries
  • It has a rich history of being used to address specific diseases and illness
  • As a form of exercise, it is suitable for all ages, fitness levels, and physical abilities
  • It can be easily adapted from Standing to Sitting to accommodate a person’s needs and abilities
  • Qigong strengthens muscles and increases overall body flexibility
  • It enhances the circulation of blood, lymph, and synovial fluid to reduce inflammation and joint pain—thereby making it excellent for pain management
  • The exercises balance cortisol levels and increase serotonin thereby decreasing stress (cortisol) and increasing relaxation (serotonin)
  • It bolsters deeper sleep
  • Qigong instills a sense of overall well-being.

Qigong is regarded as one of the three jewels of Chinese medicine since it has the incredible potential to heal as well as enhance the quality of life. 

Plus, the positive mental and physical results are immediate.   After doing just one session, you will feel relaxed, at ease, and more at peace—all of which is to say, it is a perfect time to start reaping all of the benefits of Qigong.