Boost the Immune System with T’ai Chi and Chi Kung

Medical research has documented that our immune system is affected directly by a number of conditions including nutrition, regular exercise, lifestyle choices, and stress levels.   To be healthy depends partially upon the daily choices we make every day, which impact our susceptibility to various viruses and bacteria.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has long acknowledged that these choices impact well-being, which TCM discusses as the integrated relationship of our living environment, emotional outlook, and way of life. (For a more detailed discussion of these three issues, see “The Three Keys of Health”.) More, T’ai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung have been shown to boost the immune system in significant and measurable ways. A study at the UCLA Medical School determined that T’ai Chi elevated T Cell activity by 38%, which is comparable to the effect of a vaccine.   T Cell activation triggers antibodies in the immune system, and the movements of T’ai Chi significantly catalyzes such activation that strengthens the body’s own resistance to viruses and bacteria.

T’ai Chi and Chi Kung’s integration of exercise, relaxation, and meditation effectively strengthens the body’s immune system and bolsters its natural defenses against virus, bacteria, and foreign antibodies.   While T’ai Chi and Chi Kung—along with meditation, life style choices, and exercise—are not a guarantee against getting the flu or other viruses, they do give the body a significant boost in its fight against such viruses and possibly minimizing the impact of virus’s symptoms

And if such auto-immune boosts aren’t incentive enough, there are many other health and well-being benefits for practicing T’ai Chi and Chi Kung including stress reduction, increased flexibility and strength, help with weight loss, and enhanced mood through generating serotonin. Even better, the practices themselves are enjoyable low-impact exercises for mind, body, and heart while helping keep such viruses at bay or minimize illness.

Want to have a healthy body and mind in pursuit of a rich, fulfilling, and vital life? The martial art of T’ai Chi may be just the weapon to address the health issues that impact our world and to improve the quality of day to day life.